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What to Consider When Customizing Your Service Truck Bodies

Your truck is a key player in allowing you to work efficiently and effectively. A properly customized truck body can make a huge difference. However, the range of available options may be overwhelming. To ensure you can make the right choice, here are key considerations you need to think about.

Determine what equipment you need to carry Different jobs require different equipment, but whatever your occupation, there are some things you can’t live without. Make a comprehensive list of these items and ensure that they each have their own place. This will help you determine the number of compartments required, as well as their dimensions. You may also plan to carry some equipment on the exterior of the truck body, such as ladders or other items that are too long to be placed inside. Take note of these and be sure to have the proper storage installed.

Only include necessary features and add-ons A common mistake when customizing a service body is to include too many features. Planning ahead is one thing but including unnecessary add-ons will only serve to take up space and weigh down the vehicle. This will decrease its overall efficiency and is likely to increase fuel costs.

Determine how much weight you’ll carry Calculate your total load weight, including equipment and personnel. This will ensure that you design a truck body that can handle everything you need to carry with it. If you’re concerned about the total weight, a lightweight material like aluminum can be incorporated into the service body to reduce the overall weight if need be. Make sure it's compatible with your truck It’s important that your truck body is compatible with the truck it’s going to be attached to. This means you need to compile some information about your truck in order to determine which service body will be the right match. You’ll need to know the model year, if it has two-wheel or four-wheel drive, whether it has a single or double axle in the rear, the number of fuel tanks and their locations and any relevant information about the engine. Custom Fabrication of Truck Bodies in Edmonton When it comes to customizing service bodies, look no further than Dematco Manufacturing Inc. From a picker deck to welding decks and slip in truck bodies, we can provide all the features you could ever need. If you live in the Edmonton area, contact us to learn more about how we can help you customize your truck body.



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