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Are you planning to have a custom truck body in your fleet of business vehicles or wish to add some custom units to an existing truck? Dematco Manufacturing Inc is here to provide customized, turnkey solutions to your truck body and accessories manufacturing needs. We offer custom sheet metal fabrication services in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Unlike traditional sheet metal shops, we have an infinite capacity and highly-accessible systems that help us to deliver projects of varying scales swiftly. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment and software to maintain high-quality fabrication standards. We ensure dimensional accuracy and are committed to providing you with precise results.

Expert Fabricators

Get superior quality prefabricated and custom truck bodies and accessories in Edmonton.


About Sheet Metal Fabrication Process

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of using sheet metal to build custom truck bodies for a variety of different industries. It involves many steps, from forming to welding the metal parts. These parts are ground, deburred, sanded, and grained to enable the use of different finishes on the metal. Metal fabrication is a complex manufacturing process, yet it is purely versatile and adaptable. With the right fabricator, the process can result in a distinguished product. At Dematco Manufacturing Inc in Edmonton, we use this process to create accessories for your work vehicles. Our robotic fabrication technology allows us to craft and weld sheet metal parts with precision and fine detailing.

Advantages of Using Custom Truck Body 

If you work in the service sector, you need to remain aware of the efficiency of your service vehicles and keep a tab on how effectively they can solve a client’s needs. These service truck bodies are available as standardized as well as customized versions. Thus, it is crucial for you to thoroughly understand the features, advantages and disadvantages of both options before placing a final order. Here are some benefits of using a custom truck body instead of a standard one.

Custom trucks have higher storage capacity:
A standard truck limits your storage capacity and cargo areas. But in a customized truck, you can design more compartments and carry more cargo and equipment.

Better Safety:
Different types of custom trucks allow you to customize safety for your business. Here you get the freedom to make modifications to the basic design of a standardized truck to suit your needs. You can change the structure of the truck bed and build security latches to increase the transportation capacity of the truck and make it more stable on the road.
Less expenditure on repairs and maintenance:
Custom truck bodies can be reinforced for your unique business. As a result, you can fit in heavy tools and machines without damaging the body. An investment in custom trucks can help you save money on unexpected wear and tear, maintenance, and premature vehicle replacements. 

Dematco Manufacturing Inc meets your unique needs pertaining to customized truck bodies and parts through its reliable sheet metal fabrication services in Edmonton. Contact us for more information. We aim to provide the best possible service to you.

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If you’re looking for strong truck bodies created with state-of-the-art technology and expert craftsmanship, contact Dematco Manufacturing Inc. Our goal is to provide your fleet or business with sturdy and reliable equipment for your work vehicles. With our sheet metal fabrication process in Edmonton, we can provide truck and van owners with dependable custom accessories and service bodies. We remain committed through every step of the process till the final shipment. Call today for long-lasting custom truck bodies and accessories. We will be happy to serve you!

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