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Slip-in truck canopies have durable shelving and are made according to your needs. It is an easy mobile workshop that you can take with you to any job. We know that a lot has been invested in your equipment, which is why it should be protected on and off the worksite. The team at Dematco Manufacturing Inc can design and build your custom slip-in truck bodies and truck canopies in Edmonton. Located in Acheson, we produce durable slip-in truck canopies and slip-in truck bodies in Edmonton to meet a wide variety of applications. These units provide you with maximum functionality and are easily transferable, making them an economical and convenient option.

Better By Design

Our expertise lies in the design and customization of slip-in truck bodies that make your job easier.

Customization Options For Your Slip-In Truck Body

We specialize in offering a wide range of choices for modifying slip-in truck bodies. Some of them include:

Custom height
Flip-up rear doors
Sloped roofs
Ladder racks
Side compartments and doors
An insulated body

Contact Us Today

For over a decade we have been a leader in designing and producing superior slip-in truck bodies. If you are looking for a custom slip-in truck body in Edmonton, make us your one-stop-shop! If you know exactly what you need, you can request a quote today by filling out the online form or call us for any queries. We will get back to you promptly to make your custom truck a reality.

Request a quote on custom slip-in truck canopies..

Benefits of Having a Truck Canopy 

There are a lot of truck accessories that can help transform your truck into a utilitarian and versatile vehicle. Having a truck canopy attached to your truck instantly creates more space and unlimited uses. Getting the most out of your truck completely depends on how well you use it. With the addition of a canopy, you can enhance your storage space and get your work done efficiently. Here’s a look at some benefits of having a truck canopy: 

  • Protect Your Cargo 
    Truck canopies are great space providers and they also keep your valuable cargo safe from theft and other destructive elements. Unexpected weather conditions such as rain and snow can harm your things, making them unusable. When a truck canopy is installed, it automatically safeguards your cargo keeping it closed and unexposed. Also, when you are busy with other things such as a lunch stop or a little sleep in the middle of the transport, your cargo is left unattended. With a truck canopy, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe and free from theft and other similar issues.
  • Better Efficiency 
    With a truck canopy installed, the delivery capacity and work efficiency of the truck owner instantly increases. As you have more space available, you can stack more items and deliver them faster and in better condition. A canopy also provides a professional look to your truck that helps customers take you seriously and give you more business options. Being one of the best truck canopy providers in Edmonton, we understand that canopies enhance your truck aesthetically and functionally. Fuel consumption also reduces with a canopy by redirecting the airflow. So overall, it makes your truck high on efficiency and utility. 
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