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Based in Acheson, Dematco Manufacturing Inc has been designing and building custom utility trucks and service vehicle bodies for partners in Edmonton, Calgary, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Fort St. John, Lethbridge and Western Canada for over 17 years. From complex bodies to custom truck boxes, our team of expert designers, welders and electricians is committed to delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to fit your needs. We are attained to provide you with superior quality service body design and manufacturing in Edmonton.

Quality and Customization

We offer you high-quality sheet metal products which can be customized to suit your needs.


Pick the Truck You Want and Let Us Build It Your Way

Whether you require a standard or customized design, we will build your truck body to your exact specifications. Unlike other manufacturers who use "cookie-cutter" designs, at Dematco Manufacturing Inc we provide you with a customized solution that suits your needs. What's more, we quickly provide quotes, weight distributions and proposed drawings of the specific chassis and body to accommodate your individual application. Our customers know what to expect and we deliver because we have eliminated the guesswork by designing specific packages just for them.

sheet metal being cut with a machine

Tried, Tested and True

Top grade materials and expert workmanship guarantee truck equipment and custom metal products that are reliable, durable and built to last. Our CAD technicians carefully examine your request before devising a body tailored to fit your needs and specifications. Expert welders and other craftsmen follow strict quality guidelines when creating your truck body. Before delivery, your product goes through a rigorous inspection including testing on all road types for strength, ruggedness and durability.

Your Partner from Concept to Completion

We understand the value of a satisfied customer and our staff of experienced professionals will work with you throughout every step of the process to ensure you receive the support you need. And it doesn't end there. After you have received your truck we'll always be ready and willing to provide the support you need to keep it on the road.

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