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Maximize interior storage with custom van shelving from Dematco Manufacturing Inc in Alberta. Our designers can customize a solution to work perfectly with any trade—gone are the days of tools and equipment rattling around or going missing on the way to the job site. When we design a shelving system for you everything is right where it should be. How's that for a stress-free ride?


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Want to Know More About Our Company and Solutions?

We will tell you everything you need to know about our van shelving services in Edmonton. We are always ready to serve you!


Tweaking Designs to Help You with Deliveries

With the knowledge and experience of our designers, we can help you create optimal storage within your truck or van. Depending on your individual business requirements, we can help expand the storage space in your vehicle to carry a greater volume of commercial loads and cargos while serving the required purpose. Our expertise lies in remodelling and redesigning the space within your trucks or vans with bins, flat panels, lockable doors, folding shelves, and drawers. We cater to all kinds of vehicles used for commercial purposes.


We can also add sturdy shelves to your vehicle to help you accommodate more items for delivery. We understand that you need durable and resistant shelving in your truck to carry more load and to ensure its safety and security. Call us to know more about our van shelving services in Edmonton.

Securely Mounted Shelves for All Vehicles

We offer high load-bearing shelves that can help you haul greater volumes of goods with more efficiency and expediency. We take pride in providing reliable van shelving services in Edmonton for your truck or van within the agreed timelines and budget. Our team of technicians can perform any job effectively while ensuring that the entire project is completed within the stipulated time frame and without any delays. Whether it is a light commercial vehicle, a mini truck, or a cargo van, count on us to provide high-quality, long-lasting, and securely mounted custom shelving to suit your specific needs.

Helping Your Business Grow

Whether you have a construction business, a plumbing business, a small-scale flower delivery, or a mobile eatery, we can deliver customized shelving solutions as per your specifications. Our workmen and designers work in close coordination to create a sound and practical shelving design that optimally utilizes the available space while creating spacious and secure compartments for your load.


We can also design and create a custom-built tool kit within your van to ensure that you can safely store your tools and equipment within the vehicle securely. You can store supplies, hardware, tools and machines in the truck to be able to go about your business promptly without any delay.

Importance of Shelving

Without proper compartmentalization or storage units, your cargo stands the risk of breakage, spoilage, or damage. Depending upon the type of loads that you have to deliver, we can install high-quality bottle restraints, bins, refrigerant racks, and lockers for nearly any van available in the market.

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