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As a truck driver, you might often find yourself transporting oversized equipment. When this happens, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to ensure safety on the road. One way to do this is to place a wide load sign on your truck, to alert others on the road. 


At Dematco Manufacturing Inc, we build more than just reliable service bodies, decks and trailers. We can also customize wide load signs for your flagging trucks. Constructed with quality steel and aluminium, our wide load signs stand up to Alberta's harsh elements.


The team at Dematco Manufacturing Inc can design the right wide load sign for you in Edmonton. You can call us at 780-960-2133 to request a free quote.

Customized Wide Load Signs in Edmonton

We design all kinds of truck accessories, including high-quality wide load signs.


Take a Look at Our Past Projects

Over the years, we've designed all kinds of wide load signs in Edmonton. Have a look at our past projects:

Aluminum vs Stainless Steel Signs

Picking whether you want your wide load sign made out of aluminium or steel can be confusing. While our team will help you make the right decision, it's useful to have an idea of your own needs before you come to us. When choosing a material, considering some essential qualities and placing them against your requirements can steer you towards the right choice. These include:


When choosing a sign, you should look at the possibility of corrosion. In this area, stainless steel signs fare better than those made from aluminium, which quickly oxidizes. Stainless steel signs might be a better option who regularly transport equipment in the rain.


Out of the two, steel provides more durability, standing up to high degrees of pressure without deforming. On the other hand, aluminium signs are softer and can bend under massive force.


Stainless steel requires a slightly more complicated process of production, which pushes up their prices. Aluminium is relatively lighter and more straightforward to produce, which is why it is cheaper.


Stainless steel is heavier, and a sign made from it might weigh your truck down. Aluminium is lighter and is generally a better option for smaller trucks.

It's crucial to remember that both materials come with their pros and cons, and while one might be better for someone else, it might not meet your requirements. We only have aluminium and stainless steel of the highest quality and can shape wide load signs out of both of them.


If you're still not sure or would like to get a better idea of the kind of sign that you need, you can call us.

Count on Us

When it comes to purchasing a wide load sign, you should only turn to someone who can guarantee quality and adheres to all the quality and safety standards. The team at Dematco Manufacturing Inc has provided all kinds of truck and van accessories, including wide load signs in Edmonton for over 40 years. We are a leader in the industry, providing customized solutions to all those who choose us, which is why we never follow a cookie-cutter approach. Our deep understanding of sheet metal fabrication and 40 years of experience allows us to customize a wide load sign based on your needs. While doing so, we make sure to stick to the safety guidelines. Not only that, but our customized wide load signs match your budget. With our experience, skills and staff that prioritizes your satisfaction, we truly are a company you can count on.

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