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From mobile command centres to data vans to cutaway van bodies or any other truck customization, we are at your service. Dematco Manufacturing Inc offers custom truck bodies, and truck equipment, including cranes, compressors, oils, etc., in Edmonton, Alberta. We work with precision to meet the specific demands of industrial, commercial, government and municipal clients. Plus, all the customization work is done in-house by skilled designers, fabricators, welders, painters and carpenters to save you money!

If you require custom truck bodies in Edmonton, we invite you to speak to our team today. Alternatively, you can also find valuable information on our FAQs page.

Available for Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to help you keep your truck in a healthy condition.


The Benefits of Custom Truck Work

We understand that every operation is different and has unique requirements. What might work for one client might hinder the applications of another. Custom truck work can benefit you by meeting your exact needs. There are many reasons to choose custom truck bodies and accessories, such as:

  • Improved hauling: Using a standard work truck restricts the amount of cargo you can carry to the manufacturer's design. We can help you design a custom work truck that lets you haul whatever you need so you don't have to tow a trailer or make unnecessary trips. 
  • Permanently mounted tools: If your business requires equipment such as compressors, a regular truck might fail at meeting your needs. With permanently mounted tools, you don't have to worry about fitting heavy equipment onto pre-designed limited truck spaces and their security. 
  • Enhanced safety: A standard truck will meet the manufacturer's safety standards but might fail to meet yours. Custom work allows you to take your safety on the road onto your hands. For instance, if you regularly transport many small items on your truck bed, we can build security latches. We can change the bed's structure, lower the body, add more stability and much more. 
  • Reduced repairs: We can reinforce your custom truck bodies to meet the specific needs of your business and make changes to account for your requirements. For instance, we can make adjustments to address necessities such as added suspension, routinely transporting heavy loads and more. With these tweaks, you will prevent damage to your truck, which saves on repairs and replacements in the long run. 

These are only some of the numerous advantages of our custom truck bodies in Edmonton. To know more, please reach out to our team. We offer a comprehensive range of sheet metal fabrication solutions. 

Get in Touch

We have years of experience building custom truck bodies and accessories according to our client's specifications. Our team has the expertise to serve all kinds of operations and address specific applications. If you'd like to learn more about our custom truck bodies in Edmonton, we'd love to have a chat. You can stay updated with the latest by browsing our regularly-updated blog.

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