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Are you in the business of transportation? Is it a regular job for you to transport packages of varying structures and sizes? If yes, then let us help you with loading and unloading different items.


Dematco Manufacturing Inc produces custom-built flat decks in Edmonton for commercial trucks of all sizes, transporting construction equipment, pallets, and scrap metals. Our flat decks are the highest quality open-air structures that can create tons of available space to load any amount of freight, providing the load remains within safety guidelines. Our range of versatile flat decks can transport tools, equipment, and bulk or packaged materials to far-off locations quickly and efficiently.


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Need a Picker Deck?

We build quality picker decks with heavy-gauge steel to help you with any kind of job.


Our Variety of Flat Decks Options

Have a look at our complete range of state-of-the-art flat decks:

Advantages of Flat Deck Truck Beds

Flat deck trailers are versatile truck bed vehicles characterized by Flatbed, to transport freight goods of various sizes. The beds or rear part of these trucks are flat and have no sides or a roof. They are popular among truckers because of many benefits they provide that include:

Ease in loading and unloading

With no sides or a roof, the beds or decks provide a much larger surface area for facilitating loading and unloading operations easily and efficiently in much less time.


Flat decks can carry more freight on each trip by placing different beds or decks with unique features on them. For instance, while a regular truck bed is appropriate for carrying construction equipment, an extendable one lets you transport items of large sizes. This flexibility in providing additional space for cargo helps in significantly reducing driving time, faster deliveries and saving fuel cost.

Easier to maintain

Unlike pick-up trucks that get debris stuck in their corners, trucks with beds are relatively easy to clean and maintain. The open decks of the truck beds can be cleaned by simply sweeping everything off the side.

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Process of Customizing Flat deck Truck Beds

We understand that flat deck requirements are unique for light cargo carriers and heavy-duty equipment and machinery transportation. We at Dematco Manufacturing Inc provide customized solutions as per your requirement. Our expert CAD technicians design custom flat decks after carefully assessing your requirements to fit your needs and specifications.


Our personalized flat decks, built with top-grade materials and expert workmanship, meet the highest quality and safety standards and are built to last. At Dematco Manufacturing Inc, we use the custom Sheet metal fabrication process to create custom truck bodies, trucks and van accessories like dump boxes and van shelving systems from steel or aluminum.  


Learn more about flat decks and other related information in the blog section.

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For all kinds of customized flat decks and truck accessories, Dematco Manufacturing Inc has the right solution for you. We offer fast installation and delivery, excellent pricing, and unparalleled support to our customers. 

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