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Keep Your Tools and Pickup Truck Safe Using Shelving in a Van

If you work in an industry where you are required to carry around a lot of tools, you may be tempted to throw your tools into the back of your pickup truck and hit the road. This strategy, however, has many safety and organizational issues. The best solution to these problems is a work van equipped with van shelving.

There are numerous benefits to having the van shelving experts at Edmonton's Dematco Manufacturing design a shelving system for your van, including:

  • Maximized Storage Capacity Most of the usable space in a van goes completely unused if you simply put all of your tools and equipment on the floor. Installing a shelving system that also utilizes the available vertical space is the best way of maximizing your van's entire storage capacity. With the right design, you'll be able to carry all of your important tools around with you everywhere you go. No more showing up at job sites only to realize that you didn't bring all of the equipment you needed!

  • Increased Organization Without a good organizational system, your tools will shift around in the back of your van and you'll have to dig through them all to find the right one. Keep them organized on a good shelving unit, however, and your tools will remain right where you left them.

  • Increased Productivity Better organization automatically leads to increased productivity. Searching around in the back of your van or pickup truck for the right tool or, worse, having to drive back to get it, wastes time and looks unprofessional. Shelving will immensely help to streamline your workflow and efficiency.

  • Tool Loss Prevention Better organization also means that you'll have an easier time keeping track of your tools, saving you money on tool replacement costs in the long run. If every tool has its place, then you'll notice right away if something is missing. You'll also have to spend less money on replacing tools because of damage.

  • Injury Prevention Improperly storing tools while driving around may not only lead to damage or loss of your tools, but can result in injury to yourself and others as well. Damaged equipment may not work as expected and can cause cuts or bruises if it malfunctions while in operation. Keep your tools shelved, safe, and out of the way.

Your Source for Van Shelving in Edmonton A van shelving system is only going to provide you with the above benefits if it is expertly installed and customized for your specific van. At Dematco Manufacturing we design and customize van shelving systems in Edmonton to meet all of our clients' unique needs. We'll make sure that all of your tools and equipment can be efficiently stored, organized, and kept safe as you drive from site to site. If you are interested in van shelving or have any other questions about making safe and efficient use of the space in your van, just get in touch with Dematco Manufacturing today.


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