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Increase Productivity With a Custom Truck Body

Are you getting everything you need out of your truck? If not, a custom truck body could help you perform tasks faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost. If you haven’t looked into custom fabrication, Dematco Manufacturing Inc is here to tell you why you’re missing out. Tailored to Suit Your Needs A custom truck body is created to fully support the demands of daily industrial work, including the load weight, type of cargo and general efficiency. As a result, it naturally increases your productivity and streamlines usage.

For instance, a standard truck is usually loaded and unloaded from the back of its flatbed. If heavy or oversized items are being transported, only being able to access the flatbed in one location can add extra time and inconvenience to the process. With a custom truck body, you’re able to request the addition of extra or personalized flatbed doors to facilitate the loading and unloading of cargo. Furthermore, your custom truck body can be designed to complement the loading equipment itself. A popular modification is the widening of the body, which allows the loading equipment to reach the flatbed’s floor, decreasing the drop height and impact on the floor. Less Maintenance Required Since your custom truck body is created with your exact requirements in mind, its maintenance needs are often less involved than those on a standard truck. Think about it this way: a custom truck is designed to carry its exact type of cargo. Therefore, the areas of the body that carry the greatest load or impact will be strengthened to avoid unnecessary stress to the vehicle, leading to a decreased likelihood of damage accumulated over time.

Plus, during the design stage, your manufacturers won’t be adding any unneeded extras. In general, fewer moving parts means fewer trips to the mechanic shop for maintenance and repairs.

On a related note, custom truck bodies are also blessed with a longer service life, making them a worthwhile investment for yet another reason. Custom Truck Fabrication in Edmonton With over 30 years of professional experience, Dematco Manufacturing Inc. is ready to design and produce a customized truck body that helps you meet the daily rigours of your industry. Interested in learning more about our custom truck body fabrication services? If so, reach out to us today and connect with our acclaimed team right away!


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