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Four Advantages of Custom Steel Metal Fabrication in Edmonton

Custom Fabrication

Custom metal fabrication involves a tailored design of products and accessories that are of high precision and quality. The fabrication process involves different steps such as forming, welding and cutting. Custom fabrication ensures the specifications are accurate and precise based on your requirements. It also requires skilled labour, advanced equipment and robotic fabrication technology for sheet metal to be crafted into machines and structures. For different finishes, parts are de-burred, sanded and grained.

Rely on Dematco Manufacturing Inc for custom accessories for your trucks or van shelving. We offer sheet metal and custom fabrication in Edmonton that is perfect for fleets and work vehicles. We use state-of-the-art machinery and software to produce high-quality custom sheet metal products.

Use of Custom Fabrication for Building Utility Trucks and Service Vehicle Bodies

Custom metal fabrication can help design and build your truck body to your exact specifications. For individual applications, factors such as weight distribution, storage and hauling needs are all taken into consideration. Custom steel or aluminum fabrication provides you with the best materials and skilled workers for your vehicle body. A few advantages of using custom metal fabrication are: 1. Quality metals The most common metal used for custom metal fabrication is sheet metal as it is durable, convenient and usually lightweight. Some companies might also use aluminum or cast iron. For custom designs, steel offers a wide range of designs that can be bent or moulded into complex or simple forms. Steel gives the flexibility to make changes in metal structures. Custom fabrication uses high-quality standards by using quality materials. 2. Advanced methods For custom fabrication, advanced methods with specialized tools are used to create accessories and structures. Unlike normal fabrication methods such as welding and bending, custom fabrication employs techniques such as waterjet cutting and laser cutting using high precision tools. This ensures the end product is according to your needs. 3. Expert craftsmanship Our skilled workers bring over 40 years of experience, to ensure you get the best quality product as per your specifications. Experienced technicians will examine your request and build structures that fit your needs. With custom fabrication, the product goes through rigorous inspection, including checking it for strength, ruggedness and durability. Strict guidelines are followed that ensure your product is built to last. 4. Cost savings With custom fabrication, you get the exact part unique to your project, thereby saving you money for unnecessary parts. You will be saving money on labour and material costs by choosing the precise materials that you need. Consult experienced technicians regarding the right parts required for your project if you are confused. From complex bodies to truck boxes, the technicians will be able to provide you with a cost-effective solution for your needs. Ensure the vehicle used for your business is running efficiently. You can upgrade your vehicle body or create a custom service body with the help of custom fabrication. A custom vehicle body will increase productivity and efficiency. Custom fabrication is designed to complement your vehicle’s requirement so that the maintenance will be lower than the standard fleet of vehicles. Count on Dematco Manufacturing Inc for custom fabrication services. With over 40 years of professional experience, we design and produce truck service bodies and truck accessories. We also provide modular van shelving systems for our clients. Contact us today for custom sheet metal fabrication services in Edmonton.



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