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Everything to Know About Flat Decks for Trucks in Edmonton

Trucks on the road

Trucking is a versatile and explorative way of life. Opportunities will take you across Canada, but you need to make sure your truck is up for the job. That's why Dematco Manufacturing Inc believes in the power of flat decks. Nothing is worse than having to decline work because your equipment isn't up to the task, but with flat decks the only limit is yourself.

Here's why flat decks are one of the best advancements you can do to your truck, and how you can get one today.

Benefits of Flat Decks

Flat decks are the swiss army knife of truck beds. Instead of sides, like on a pickup truck, flat decks remain completely open. This open-air structure creates tons of available space where you can load pretty much any and everything, providing fewer restrictions on workload.

  • You can also carry more with fewer trips. As long as the load remains within safety guidelines, your flat deck can hold as much as you want.

  • The open-air style also makes loading and unloading easier. Whether by hand or by crane, every direction is open so you can unload and load without interruption.

  • With other truck beds, the sides create small crevices for dirt to get into, making it hard to clean. With flat decks, you can simply sweep everything off the side.

Flat deck maintenance is easier and the open space gives you more room to take on different types of jobs. But what are they?

Types of Work They're Used For

The most common use for flat decks is carrying heavy freights. That being said, the range of heavy work flat decks can do is infinite. Flat decks are popular with the delivery of construction equipment, pallets, and scrap metals. But you can also do more residential work like moving. Flat decks are also used to move tire bales (stacked together deflated tires) for recycling or reusing. Depending on the size of the flat deck you want, you can stay with smaller freights or move to heavier ones. Regardless, you have that choice.

Buy New, Never Old

We understand why buying used parts is desirable, they're cheaper, but what saves you long-term costs: buying and replacing used parts, or buying outright a part designed to last? When buying used flat decks, you create liability. No matter what the previous owner says, there will always be unaccounted for wear and tear. Not to mention flat decks should be designed for a specific truck. Using a bed on a truck that doesn't fit for the sake of money creates a dangerous environment for you and others on the road. And guess who pays for that mistake? You. When you order a custom flat deck from Dematco you get expert craftsmanship, a catered build, and a warranty guaranteeing its reliability. Our job doesn't end there, you'll also receive endless support for any issues or questions that may arise. Buying a new flat deck takes away liability and concern. Trucking can be a dangerous game, and your life and job are worth investment.

It's up to You

Flat decks aren't only about utility, they offer opportunity. Don't miss out on nationwide opportunities a flat deck could give you. Our inventory doesn't stop here. We have a list of services that can accommodate any of your truck needs, so don't hesitate to look through our website or call for more info.


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