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6 Custom Options to Optimize Your Light Duty Work Vehicle

Light duty work trucks are the often the vehicle of choice for a variety of small contractors who don't deal with major bulk but still need power and space to do their job. Plus, with the right customizations, a light duty work vehicle can transform into a true workhorse that meets all of your needs.

Dematco Manufacturing Inc. provides custom service bodies and truck bodies near Edmonton, as well as custom accessories that you can use to really optimize your light duty work vehicle. Here are 6 custom options which, depending on your line of work, may be perfect for you: 1) Tool Boxes A custom-built tool box can be one of the most efficient ways of carrying around all of your gear in a well-organized manner. Made of metal or plastic and able to be mounted in a way that maximizes your truck space, tool boxes offer secure storage from weather conditions and from potential thieves. 2) Truck Canopy If you carry around too much gear and too many tools for a tool box to handle, then a good step up would be a truck canopy. Truck canopies can greatly increase your storage capacity and your truck bed security. You'll essentially be turning your entire truck bed into one, well-organized storage compartment. 3) Service Body The most effective way to optimize a light duty work truck in Edmonton is with a service body. Service bodies greatly increase storage with bed storage compartments and street side compartments. By being able to easily grab necessary equipment right from the street, your job site productivity will greatly improve. 4) Flat Deck Depending on your work, a flat deck for your truck could be exactly what you need. While pickup beds set a limit on the size of what you can carry, a flatbed allows for larger items that can be safely strapped down. Moving hay bales and equipment such as garden tractors can be much easier with a flat bed. 5) Dump Body Dump bodies can greatly enhance your productivity if you frequently load your truck bed with debris that you then need to spend a lot of time manually unloading. Landscapers, for example, can benefit from having a dump body to easily get rid of landscaping debris. 6) Welding Deck A professional welder who takes their work on the road can benefit not only from a welding deck but from a custom-built one. You have your own unique way of setting up your tools and equipment, and your welding deck should be able to accommodate that. Custom-Built Truck Bodies in Edmonton If you're looking for useful accessories and custom truck service bodies in the Edmonton area, then you've found the right place. Dematco Manufacturing Inc. and our in-house team of designers, welders, electricians, and fabricators are ready to listen to your needs and upfit your light duty work vehicle to meet them. To learn more about how our custom Edmonton truck service bodies could benefit you and your business, don't hesitate to contact Dematco Manufacturing Inc. today.



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