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5 Benefits of Slip-in Truck Bodies

Slip-in Truck Bodies

Making savings with your business is harder than ever, and with the logistics marketplace becoming saturated, you need to find innovative ways to stay at the top of your field. One of these could be to switch to a fleet that uses slip-in truck bodies.

Slip-in truck bodies and capsules have a number of advantages over chassis models. Below, we discuss five benefits of slip-in truck bodies for Edmonton truckers. 1. Flexibility The greatest asset of a slip-in truck body is the flexibility afforded. Slip-in bodies can easily get transferred onto the back of other trucks. Customizing truck bodies in this way gives you a host of options. Transferring a slip-in can take half an hour depending on the latches and weight. These bodies can then be removed and kept, should you sell or upgrade the vehicle. With a range of bodies available for different services, you can have flexibility and affordability in one. 2. Cost Most of the time, buying a pickup is going to cost less than a chassis model. Dealerships also sell pick-ups in mass, meaning you will get your hands on a good quality pickup much quicker than a chassis model. By adding a slip-in into this, you are getting a much better deal in a faster time. Because of the volume dealers sell, there are lots of incentives on offer for buying pickups. These just do not exist with chassis models. Finally, buying a number of slip-ins can allow one vehicle to do a number of jobs. This will always be more cost-effective than buying a fleet of vehicles to do specific work. 3. Customization Slip-in capsules are made to be customized. If you want shelves or side doors, we can do it for you. Beds, slides, and anything else that will help you operate your business can also get added. Compare this to a service body. They are rigid, fixed, and have little room for reconfiguration. To customize, or add more features, the whole compartment would have to get redesigned. 4. Truck bodies’ weight Slip-in capsules have less weight than chassis models. This can give you a huge advantage with cost. If you can keep a vehicle under 10,000 pounds, you will save money on fuel. If you have a number of vehicles, the fuel-saving costs could amount to a lot of money. Even with a single vehicle, spreading costs over a year, you will make savings. 5. Durability A capsule is protected by the body of the truck, making it last longer and increasing its durability. Even if the truck wears and needs replacing, the capsule remains unharmed. allowing it to get added to a new vehicle. Imagine a side or rear collision. With a service vehicle or chassis model, the damage would hit the vehicle and possibly impact any cargo or stock. With a capsule, these are protected by the truck itself, adding extra safety to goods or tools you may be carrying.

Making the Switch

Now you have our five reasons to switch to slip-in truck bodies, you just have to make the change. Dematco Manufacturing Inc can help, with our experienced and knowledgeable staff and range of products. Contact us today for a quote and let us discuss a slip-in body fleet for your business.


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