Custom Service Decks Built in Alberta

At Dematco Manufacturing Inc, we want to help you create a reliable truck body that meets all your operational requirements. We work with clients in Edmonton and across Alberta.


When you require easy access to your cargo and increased deck space, enlist the help of Dematco Manufacturing Inc. We've been building custom service decks in Alberta to fit any application for over 3 decades. Our focus is to build a superior quality deck that’s rugged, reliable and increases productivity from your work truck.

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Why Do You Need a Service Deck?

When your business requires you to be on the move, your truck's body should meet your operational demands. Our team can help you design and fabricate a custom service deck built entirely around your requirements. Our service decks in Edmonton have many benefits, such as:


Enhanced efficiency: When your truck has a service deck with the right body type for the job, you can run your operations more efficiently. An adequately designed service deck can help save time by guaranteeing your load is secured correctly.


Enhanced safety: A properly designed service deck will keep you and your load safe on the road. For instance, a locked service deck will protect your cargo from vandals if you're truck left unattended.



Enhanced functionality: Our bespoke service decks allow you to customize your trucks to meet your requirements. For instance, if you run a landscaping company, you can outfit your service deck with toolboxes.


Enhanced fuel economy:  Depending on the design of the service deck, you might benefit from better fuel economy. A properly designed service deck can reduce the weight of your truck's body when carrying cargo, which means better fuel economy.


Would you like to learn more about the benefits of our service decks in Edmonton? Please reach out to us.Besides this, we can provide you with a comprehensive range of custom truck products.