High-Quality Law Enforcement Supply in Edmonton and Western Canada

We at Dematco Manufacturing Inc provide a full spectrum of law enforcement supply in Edmonton and Western Canada. We adhere to the highest security and quality standards for our products. For this reason, you can rely on our products to meet your needs efficiently. Our law enforcement supplies in Edmonton include:


  • Prisoner transfer cages for 6, 10 and 12 passengers

  • Prisoner transfer cube boxes for 22 passengers (high capacity 8' w x 12' long)

  • Prisoner transfer medical units

  • Medical tactical unit for transfer of officers to carry 4-6 passengers

  • K9 unit cages to fit Suburbans

  • Thomas bus to carry 24 passengers

  • Suburbans to carry 4-5 passengers

  • Custom law enforcement outfitting units

  • Police paddy wagons

  • Custom benches and interiors for medical RCMP units

  • Custom benches and interiors for squad team customizing units

  • Animal Peace Officer transfer units

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Leaders in the Industry

We have provided our services to countless customers over the years. Many factors contribute to our reputation for quality services, including:

  • Expertise with experience Our 40 years of experience in manufacturing a range of products, including building bodies, trucks, equipment, has given us a deep understanding of our client's needs.

  • Always improving We regularly track the industry developments and update our technology to meet high standards to lead the design.

  • Personalized experience We don't follow the same generalized approach for customers but instead tailor our services according to your unique needs as we pay individual attention to personalized care.

  • Great customer service Our workmen are always transparent with you about their services and our rates.

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